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Raz goes through the importance of mental health in relationship to the spiritual path.


This week Raz goes through the 4 pillars of the framework of health:

Mental Health

Emotional Health

Physical Health

Spiritual Health

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This week Raz goes over the idea of "harmony" in all aspects of a practitioners life.

Discussion includes harmony, will, intention and the idea of abstractions and this waking life.


This Week Raz tackles the topic of negativity and the impact it has on our environment.

- External vs. Internal negativity

- Is Negativity actually real

- How to work within your practice and understand negativity


This week on The Lucid Sky Radio Raz handles a mail bag.

We go through questions about:

The path

the mind

time frames and levels

selfing and much, much more.


This week on Lucid Sky Radio Raz discusses Religion, Spirituality and the relationship to the path.

What is the difference between them?

How does those involved act/react?

What should someone be looking for in a spiritual path?

And much, much more.

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This week Raz discusses the role of dreams, Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projection. And, the role that they play in the life of practitioners.


This Week Raz goes through Energy, and the role it plays in a practitioners path.

- What is energy?

- Can we manipulate our energy, and does it evolve?

- How does energy perception change as the stages of the path evolve?


On this episode Raz begins the first lecture in the 5 parts series about Ego, Sexual Energy and The Mind, and the Impact it has on a practitioner on the path.

- The 4 types of sexual energy

- the impact that sexual energy can have on a practitioner's relationship


This week Raz gives a break overview of the 5-part Relationships, Love, and the Egoic mind series that is being unrolled next week.

- Intimacy Issues

- Love and the relationship between essential nature and the egoic mind

- The business relationship that masquerades as love/marriage

- The push/pull of those searching for happiness in relationships


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